Dam: Sugar (BW Jordan) ISDS 268149
Sire: Killiebrae Laddie (D.Scrimgeour) ISDS 262753
DOB : January 15, 2011

Cerf: Cleared
CEA DNA (Carrier)
IGS  Normal/Normal
TNS Normal/Normal

Deltabluez Drift
19.5 inch-42 lbs

ADC(Agility dogs of Canada)
AADC(Advanced Agility dog of Canada)
Novice & Advanced game title
Drift runs at the Masters level

Drift Achievement page-AAC
Drift Achievement -CKC
-(Novice JWW Title, Novice PAD Title, 3 Steeplechase ,  2 Standard )


ABCA/CBCA/ registered
DOB October 1st 2008
Dam: Deltabluez Jade (Kevan Gretton)
Sir: Spike ( deltabluez Roo)

CEA/DNA Normal
IGS Normal/Normal
TNS Normal/Normal
Brucellosis -Negative

Drift is our beautiful red/white boy that came to us from Deltabluez Stockdogs


Imported Penllwyn Nan
ISDS 296094
CBCA 2058

Nan is our Welsh import purchase from Kevin Evans
She joined our pack in March 2010
OFA Good
Cerf Cleared 2010
CEA DNA Normal


She gave us 3 beautiful litters 
With Imported Daniel (Ewenique Trill, Gael, Krypto, Jack, Sawyer and Taboo)
With Joyce Geier Imported Jim (2012)
(Ewenique Bekka, Harmony, Hee-gie, Ima, Pippa!, Wynn and Rowan)
Imported Jim (2014)
( Ewenique Believe, Legend, Axel,Tiki, Hudson, Luke and Murray) 

May 2010 Hopkington SDT 2nd pro-Novice
Aug 2010 Farmgate SDT 1st pro-Novice
Aug 2011 Farmgate 5th Pro-Novice
October 2011-Butternut SDT 6th Pro-Novice
July 2012 Fetchgate SDT 11TH Ranch
Oct 2012 Swaledale SDT 2nd and 6th Ranch
Oct 2012 Shephard Crooks SDT 1st and 3rd Ranch
Oct 2014 Indian River 2nd in Ranch
Oct 2014 Shepherd Crooks 5th in Ranch

Nan is now retired from trialling and breeding, she is our main work/farm help at the farm


Breez CBCA 3262
April 18,2004-May 17,2018

OFA Good/.Cerf cleared
CEA/DNA Normal

Breez came to us from Bruce Smart
She was a repeat breeding of the Dolly X Glen cross that produce my Tyke
Breez is a  energetic little girl
She gave us 4 beautiful litters. She is now retired and enjoying life at the farm

Breez x Imp. Jim (4)
2006 (Meg, Abby)
2007 (Chase, Zedd, Cian, Dax & Jag )
2009 (Luke, Tuuli)
2010 ( Suka, Grendel, Jack, Mist, Neve, Finn)
Breez is now enjoing retirement with my good friend Erika


CBCA 4395
DOB 25 April 05
Sire: Handhills Robbie-Norman Close
Dam: That'lldo Jenny-Elvin Kopp(breeder)
OFA: Good BCO-6998G29F-PI
CERF: Cleared 2008
CEA DNA Carrier
Kate competes in -Ranch/Open
*** Kate is now retired from our breeding program***

Kate was purchase as a started dog in Feb 2008 from Norm Close we have come a long way as a working team. Kate is teaching me in becoming a better handler, she is sharp, intense and always gives me her 200%
Kate is our main farm dog here, she will get the job done what ever you give her to do...
Kate gave us 2 beautiful litters
Kate x Roy 2009 (Vtec, Ikuma & Hazard)
Kate x  Casey  2008 (Detour, Teg, Gruve, Joe, Fae & Kitt )



July 1st 2001-Aug 12,2016
Julz CBCA 1649
OFA Good
CEA/DNA Normal
Breeder : Amanda Milliken
(Amanda Milliken's Ethel x Moss)
July 1st 2001

Ewenique Border collies foundation bitch - Ran in Pro-Novice
now retired
Julz aka Jelly beans was purchase from Amanda Millikens when she was 2 yrs old. Jelly is a big soft loving girl she like the other seniors just loves to come for walks and enjoy life at the farm
Julz gave us 2 beautiful litters
Julz x Glen 2005 (Kate, Meg, Miss, Tripp, Sass, Ace & Flexi )
Julz x Jim 2006 (Storm, Fellow, Clay, Tamy, Race, Misty & Swift )


May 2nd,2002-Aug 20th 2015

Tyke my heart dog, courage, devoted and loyal....When i lost him I lost a big piece of my heart. 
My strong warrior, at my side for 13 years. I miss you so much Ty.


Imported Jim
DOB April 1st, 2000
OFA Hips Cert Excellent
Cerf Cleared 2006,07,08
Jim was imported from Scotland at 2 yrs of age
Jim's is the foundation stud of my kennel he has produce many good performance/working dogs
He is now retired and enjoying life at the farm

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Jim on Dec 2nd 2014 
he will be miss
April 1st, 2000-December 2nd ,2014

Jazz 1996-2012

2000-June 20,2014

Ewenique Luke 

2009- Dec 2013

Our Loyal Guardians



Sass (Left) 

Ewenique Joey  (Right)

Emma (Maremma) 
1 Nov 2004- 27 May 2015