Puppy Culture DVD


Here at Ewenique farm, we produce healthy top working dogs
with great temperament. 

Our breeding program is thoughtfully planned and done very selectively.
Because of this , there is often a waiting list for a Ewenique Puppy.  

Great care is taken to make sure your Ewenique pup is well started in life.  Puppies raised at Ewenique are whelped in our home. As newborns we perform the Early Neurological Stimulation exercise until their eyes are open and we follow the Puppy Culture concept!  We work very hard to make sure the puppies are very well socialized before leaving for their new home.
All our pups are sold on a non-breeding contract to approve working/performance home only.  Because we spend many hours raising our puppies, finding the RIGHT home is our first priority.  We do NOT sell puppies on a "first come first served basis". Puppy selection does not occur until pups are at least six weeks of age and pups never leave my home until they are 8-10 wks of age.
All Dogs used for breeding are OFA (or equivalent) certified, CERF cleared yearly and Optigen tested for CEA genotype as well as TNS/IGS AND SN

If you are inquiring about our puppies or upcoming litters please understand that we put alot of work and training into our dogs and breeding program  if you are looking for a BC as a pet please take the time to educate yourself on the breed, many border collies are relinquish in rescues because of owners that did not do their research.
If you think a border collie is the breed that you want please consider a rescue, some older dogs can make wonderful pets.