Imported Roy
ISDS 345537

CEA Normal
Hips prelim -Good



What can I say, things have a way of presenting itself. I was contacted by a friend from Europe to say this boy was available.  
A line that I only dream of owning. I had looked at importing semen last summer from Sweep (R. Hutchison) to breed Mia. 

It did not take much  and I was on a plane to go pick him up. 
Roy is a son of Ricky Hutchison's Jock , grand son of Sweep , his mom is Emma Grays Elsa



Jock ISDS 327212-Ricky Hutchison

2016 Int Sup -10 2015 Intr Br, Eng BR Champ 2015 Eng Nat -12

Bill ISDS 256353

Wenndale Beth ISDS234329

Lyn ISDS 271128 (R. Hutchison)

Cap ISDS 242702

Eryri Sian ISDS 248052

Spot ISDS 253845 N.F McVicar

Garry ISDS 237356

Connie ISDS 233290

Bess ISDS 248474 - I Brownlie

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Elsa ISDS 328336 - Emma Gray

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Bill ISDS 256353

Wenndale Beth ISDS234329

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