Plan Litter FALL 2019

Imported Kinloch Mia x Imported Roy 

***Sorry we had to push this breeding for a later time ***

We are very excited about this cross.
We are introducing some of the top working bloodlines we have imported to produce some quality pups
Our Roy is a son of Ricky Hutchison's Jock(2017 Int. Supreme Champion)and Emma Grey's Elsa. Kinloch Mia is a full littermate to Kinloch Levi (Kinloch Penny x Pennant William's Sweep)
These pups will be offered to working/performance home only 
These pups will not be sold as pets so please don t ask

Please contact me for more information 
serious inquiries only please 
( This litter may only happen late 2019 early 2020, we will decide once she comes into heat if we will breed her or not )


PUPS out of Mia/Roy

Jock ISDS 327212-Ricky Hutchison

2016 Int Sup -10 2015 Intr Br, Eng BR Champ 2015 Eng Nat -12

Lyn ISDS 271128 (R. Hutchison)

Spot ISDS 253845 N.F McVicar

Bess ISDS 248474 - I Brownlie

Elsa ISDS 328336 - Emma Gray

Bill ISDS 263313 -P Bristow

Alie ISDS 263948- P. Bristol

Megan ISDS 311449-Ricky Hutchison

Dot ISDS 277595- P Turnbull

Dale ISDS 248762- Pennant William

Roy ISDS 213922- RP Dean

2000 Int Sup 4 199 E Nat 6

Jen ISDS 226092

Jess ISDS 252467- R Williams

Jock ISDS 195055 -G Howells

Meg ISDS 235978- A Williams

Kinloch Penny ISDS 305855

pic (Angie Driscoll) 2014 W3/ Nat 8

## Joe ISDS 272330- B Dalziel

2012 S NAT 3 2011 INT Q 13/ SCOT Nat 1 2009 Int Sup 9/ Scot Nat 1 2008 World Q 6 2006 International Supreme Champ

Cloverhill Mirk ISDS 261549- D Evans

Meg ISDS 249302- D Evans

Meg ISDS 282283- Angie Driscoll

pic (A. Driscoll) 2015 W Nat 9 2014 W Nat 7 2013 W Nat 6 2012 W Team 2

Ted ISDS 238717- G. Byrne

Lyn ISDS 246238- G Byrne