How much are your puppies ?

Our puppies are priced at $1200 CDN  regardless of Gender


Do you have a waiting list?

Because we will not take deposits until a litter is on the ground, we do not have a waiting list. We do have people that are waiting for our next litter. If you would like to know what our plans are, we suggest that you follow our website or Contact me

How can I reserve a puppy?

We don't take deposits until either our female is confirmed pregnant or a litter is on the ground. Most people are not willing to wait for a puppy  If you are really interested  contact me

Do you breed rare colors?

We breed for working ability, temperament as such a colored border collies is not a working dog but a show or performance border collie . If you are looking for a colored border collies we are not that type of breeder 

Can I meet your dogs or watch them train?

 Absolutely. Contact me to make arrangements.   We will try very hard to meet with you but our farm life is priority so sometimes its is just difficult to get a day that works for both of us we don't set up visits until we have something to sell.


What comes with my puppy?

Every puppy is wormed, vet checked, microchipped and has been vaccinated (Parvo & Distemper). You will receive your ABCA Registration papers ASAP  

Can I choose my puppy?

No. We match the puppy in the litter that is best suited to what the individual buyer is looking for.
It is important to us that you get the right dog.

Do you sell to home with young children  ?

No we do not  sell to homes as pets with young children our border collies are bred to work ,  their instinct is very strong and do not make good pets for children 

 Experienced border collie homes, with children over the age of 12 will be consider 


Do you offer a puppy contract ?

We put alot of effort in testing our breeding stock , as such we cannot guarantee diseases that are not at this point testable ( OCD- Epilepsy ) We study pedigrees and try to make the best match possible 

What we guarantee is a healthy puppy that both parents have been tested ( full Border DNA Panel) as well as Hips and Elbow

 No breeder can offer you a guarantee, they cannot assure you nothing will ever go wrong. they are living creatures and once they leave my home i have no control on how they are raised 

We cannot force you to feed your puppy a specific food, We cannot force you to start training that puppy at a appropriate age. 


We follow the ABCA (American Border collie Association) Code of practice 

ABCA Breeder code of Practice